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Ervaringen met HartZicht Coaching

“Arda heeft mij geholpen met zelf opgestelde doelen toen ik vast liep in mijn leven en niet wist hoe ik eruit kon komen. Door haar betrokkenheid en empathisch vermogen had ik het idee er niet langer alleen voor te staan. Ze kijkt goed mee naar wat je nodig hebt om je doelen te behalen en middels opbouwende woorden en de juiste sturing heb ik deze kunnen behalen. Ik heb een nieuwe baan, opleiding en betere relaties met de mensen om mij heen ontwikkeld.”


Anoniem (34 jaar)

“De gesprekken met Arda hebben me echt geholpen verder te kijken dan mijn eigen perspectief. Het voelde meteen als een veilig omgeving en ze stelde, in mijn ogen, de juiste vragen om me aan het denken te zetten. Daar kwamen ook hele praktische werkpunten uit waar ik meteen werk van kon/kan maken.”


Paula (22 jaar)

“At the end of 2020 it seemed like problems surrounded me in all areas of life and while complaining to a friend, she immediately said ”I know a coach you need to meet, her name is Arda”. Dealing with depression, unsure of the future with my partner, started a new job in the middle of a pandemic, moved to a new country, lived with people I was terrified of and the list can go on. As you can hear, I was a mess and lost in myself when I started the coaching sessions with Arda. I really needed help to hear my own voice again, to feel hope of who I am and where I am going. I was desperately in need to feel rooted in God but also in myself.


Throughout the last year, Arda has coached me through my wilderness, helped me reconnect with myself and my values again – hearing my own voice and setting new boundaries. I thought I needed to fix all the external chaos around me but Arda helped me focus internal and to solve, with help of God and hard work, the conflicts going on inside of me. We digged to the roots of my fears and what is holding me back, but also celebrated the victories of becoming more and more who I was designed to be. The flexibility of having online sessions, combined with face2face, worked perfectly for me since I’m working remotely and traveling a lot – Arda has coached me from 3 different countries – Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.


Thanks to the coaching with Arda I am today a woman who is definitely more aware of who I am and the way I am operating. I learned about my conscious and unconscious behavior and the roots of them which helped me to deal with the challenges of today and the possibility of the future. Arda has coached me in a way I felt her walking next to me the entire time. She also taught me to be there for myself – to accept and love myself. As the internal journey became more established, the external challenges became less and less and today, nearly a year after the first session, I have quit my job and am working as an entrepreneur starting my own company, in love with the partner I was so unsure about. To be honest, I am still pretty unsure about the future – but today I am ok with it.


Arda, as a person and as a coach, has changed my life. And in many ways, rescued me. The warmness in her eyes when I shared the most painful and sensitive experience is priceless She has a talent to create an environment where I felt like home and safe, both offline as well as online. Arda is not afraid of telling the truth and she is not backing down for keeping you on the way you want to go. She wraps honest communication with love and shows patience, understanding and comfort – all the time.


It is my deepest and sincere hope that you will give yourself the gift of investing in yourself no matter if you walk in the valley or dancing on the mountain – and my highest recommendation would be to do it alongside coach Arda. She encourages you to walk out proverbs 31:25 [´she is clothed with strength and dignity and she can walk without fear of the future´] while being a living example for it.”


Åsa (32 jaar)